Impi Challenge Stellenbosch (Coetzenburg)

Impi Challenge Stellenbosch (Coetzenburg)

Photo Credit:  JCP Photography

Impi Challenge Stellenbosch

Impi is the biggest social, fun but challenging event on the calendar.

It’s colourful, inclusive of all sizes and shapes, and gives families and friends the opportunity to come out together for an amazing day. The Challenge and Dash route differ only in distance, but contain the same level of obstacles – hard but do-able. Challenge your friends, challenge your fears and have the time of your life.

Combining trail running with an adventure style obstacle course, the IMPI Challenge is a spectator friendly event.  Family members are welcome to experience the day and watch their families and corporate families on the spectator route.

There are four categories to choose from when entering the Heineken® 0.0 IMPI Challenge:



  1. IMPI Corporate: 10km with 18 obstacles and extra benefits


  1. IMPI Challenge:  10km with 18 obstacles


  1. IMPI Dash:  5km with 12 obstacles


  1. IMPI Mini:  1km with 8 small, supervised obstacles (age 6 – 10)



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Impi Challenge Stellenbosch (Coetzenburg)
Dates: To be announced
Phone: 021 8869204 / ‚Äč082 9910045
Venue: Coetzenburg, Stellenbosch (Western Cape)